Friday, November 5, 2010

So guys

Well, you know, there are a lot of reasons why this world keeps running, every person, every animal, every living thing has a part to make the eco-system and all of the earths parts running. No matter how insignifigant your job is, no matter how small the animal, we all have a part in this big blue thing called the world  It's kind of trippy to think how many different living creatures are in this world. Even more mindblowing when  you take into account the number of organisms, big and small. But my favorite animal of all is the cat. Yes, cats. I aspire to be a crazy cat man when I grow up. To be honest, I just want one, so from now on this blog will be a cat blog. I will post tons and tons of cats, for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. the second to last looks like my kitty when he doesnt get his dinner on time